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Get Accustomed to Using Ethereum Wallets

For a layman, the concept of bitcoin is still not understandable. People are still not aware of this virtual money which can be used for transaction rather than using paper money. With the introduction of net banking it is definitely possible to deal with virtual money, but to completely do away with the paper money, it is a revolution in itself.14

Ethereum wallet deals with ether. It is not as popular as bitcoin but loyal fans have created a few wallet options. Ethereum wallet, if you go by the definition, is actually a desktop wallet which has integrated with Shapeshift which makes it easy to accept Bitcoins and other alternative coins directly into the wallet as ether.

Ethereum wallet is actually a product of Kryptokit which have earlier developed similar kinds of wallet such as RushWallet or MyEtherWallet. If you look at the functioning of the ethereum wallet it actually uses the client side java script program to create ether address. Ethereum wallet is still in the beta form and they should not be populated with large number of ethers.

Geth is basically an interface which is used to send, receive and create contract with ethereum. From a programmers point of view it is very good but from user’s point of view who requires easy-to-use wallet, it may not be a good option.

The compatibility of ether is very good and easy. The best ether exchange is Kraken because it has the best record and volume exchange in ether/bitcoin just like ether/USD and ether/EURO.

Actually there are different kinds of ethereum wallet present in the market which actually accepts ether. MyEther wallet is another kind of ethereum wallet which is actually an open source javascript client side Ether wallet. This particular wallet creates secure wallet options without the command line processing. You can run the wallet in offline mode also for your ether holdings. It has chrome extensions and better interface for sending and receiving ether. You can add your ether addresses too.

Ethereum wallets are available in the internet. You can go through all the tutorials present online to understand the concept of ethereum wallet and the concept of ether. Once you understand the transaction procedure, it will help you to choose the best ethereum wallet for you. Remember, this is actually an emerging mode of payment and so acclimatizing in this is very important. Check out the different sites for its operations.