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Trying Flirt Chat Applications

Once in a while, it’s nice to just go out and meet new people, have a friendly chat here and there or maybe flirt a little. Unfortunately life can get in the way; you don’t even have extra time for yourself, let alone for other people. Also, not every single one of us is confident to just go on ahead and personally start a conversation with a random stranger. Good thing that flirt chat application were invented to solve these problems of ours. When you flirt through chat you won’t have to literally be in front of a person as you struggle with something good to say and you can do it at your own convenience.

When you take the time to research online, you’d be surprised that a lot of people have found the love of their lives through a simple flirt chat app. You might’ve just been looking at the wrong place and the applications below might lead you to the right one.



OkCupid is but one of the very few dating apps that won’t require an existing Facebook account. All you have to do, which is admittedly a quite long process, is to create an account and answer a number of questions. By answering questions and indicating the answer that you want your potential date to give, it give the database a basis for compatibility. If you want to view your potential matches, simply tap the ‘matches’ option which will display people who are compatible with you, based on your profile and the questions you answered.

Coffee Meets Bagel


Yes, that’s the actual name of the dating application and a cute one at that. So here’s how it works, you need to set up your account first and they will require a Facebook profile, you can start adding in your preferences. The app will send you a ‘bagel’ everyday; it’s actually the profile of someone that can be compatible with you. Users will only have 24 hours to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on the bagel. In case you liked the bagel and they also like you, your profiles will connect; once connected you can message one another in a private chat. Keep in mind that the said chat room only has eight days before it expires and disappears. It kind of puts the pressure on you and your bagel to decide to exchange contact information or just let each other fade away.