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Travel Freely With Your Pet

There are a number of people who are very interested in keeping a pet and while some people just have a pet for companionship other people start to depend on their pets so that they become better people in life. People are depressed and have anxiety issues and they relate to the animals and they start getting very attached to them.  esa_tag

If you are one of these people then you need an emotional support dog letter so that you can travel freely with your pet no matter where you go. While some people look at the pet as a companion that can be separated whenever you want, other people are inseparable from their pet and when they start to move away from the pet they become very uneasy and it becomes very difficult for them.esdwallet6

If you do not want such a situation to ever arise then you should apply for an emotional support letter today. This letter basically states that you can travel with your pet no matter where you go without anybody stopping you. While most places these days have become pet friendly there are still a number of places that deny entry to your pet and it is at these places where you can flash your letter and take your pet with you without anybody stopping you.

All you need to do to get the letter is to go online and fill out your details. Once you fill up the entire form all you have to do is wait for the moderator to call you back. The moderator then evaluates the situation based on the information that you have provided and once information is cross checked you are provided with the letter via email on the very same day that you apply for it. The hard copy of the letter is sent to you via mail on your mailing address.

Steps To Follow When Choosing A Hamster Cage

When it comes to choosing cool hamster cages, you need to consider several factors as it will have an effect on the health and quality of life of your hamster. It is the top most important investment to make for the hamster. In the market, there are several layouts and types of cages which you can choose from. You need to consider the safety of the cage and the species of the hamster before making your final choice.

Select the right size to fit your hamster. The recommended smallest size for cool hamster cages should be at least 18 inches in width,  13 inches in height, and 25 inches in length. All the aforementioned amounts to 450 square inch floor size. Though that is the minimum, bigger is always better to enable the hamster to make movements while playing, climbing and running just to have fun. When it is spacious enough, the hamster will have space for a bathroom, storing food and sleeping. In case you have more than one hamster, space has to be even bigger so that each hamster has plenty of space for itself.  When housed in pairs, put in mind that, you do not have to keep the hamsters of opposite sex together to prevent breed; and Syrian hamsters being hostile, should never be housed in pairs.


Make sure that the cage you are housing the hamsters is very ventilated. If it is not well ventilated, it will lead to ammonia build up which becomes toxic to the hamsters leading to respiratory problems. Bacteria also flourish in poorly ventilated areas, thus could make the hamsters sick. Go for wire ventilated cages as they make cool hamster cages as compared to plastic and aquarium cages. In case you notice that your hamster is having difficulty in breathing, or doesn’t play, eat well and shows signs of physical illness, clean the cage and remove the soiled bedding. If you are using the plastic or an aquarium, change to wire cages.

When considering the type of hamster cage, it is best to consider one which is easy to clean so that you can maintain cleanliness for your hamsters. It is important to clean the cage at least twice in a week this makes the wire cages to be the best. Plastic and aquarium may need one to do a daily clean due to the poor ventilation they provide. It is very tough to clean plastic cages as they are made of various components, have multiple levels and have turns and twists which might make it difficult to do a thorough clean job.


Choose a hamster cage depending on the species you have. For a Syrian, you can use any type of cage but if you have small or dwarf hamsters, like the Chinese ones, you will need to choose a cage carefully.  You will need to pay special attention of spaces between wires in case you make a wire cage.

Choose cool hamster cages which will be good value for your money.