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Maintaining A Positive Professional Relationship With Your Dentist

As a dental professional, I have a responsibility to my patients to treat them with respect and courtesy. Both my boss (the dentist) and I try to stay on time and provide quality dental treatment to everyone who comes into our office for dental care. There are situations, however, that make it difficult to provide the level of care each patient deserves. Here are some tips that you, as a patient, can do to ensure your appointment goes smoothly and quickly.

#1 – Be on time.

The most common reason that we get behind schedule in my dental office is because someone shows up late. Our schedule is tight; we schedule prophy (cleaning) patients at 45-minute intervals, which is just the amount of time we need. If a patient comes in 15 minutes late, we will continue to run 15 minutes late for the remainder of the morning or afternoon. If a patient is on time, but is a more difficult cleaning than I can finish in 45 minutes, I will reschedule them for another full 45 minute appointment so others aren’t inconvenienced. If a patient is more than 15 minutes late, I will usually reschedule them. Patients who are new to an office should come in at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. Many offices will charge a broken appointment fee if a patient shows up late.

#2 – Call at least 24 hours in advance for cancellation.

Most offices charge a broken appointment fee if a patient does not call at least 24 hours in advance to inform us of a cancellation. Insurance will not cover this fee, and patients often are upset about it. In the office where I work, we only charge this fee to patients who are habitual no-shows. The reason for the fee is because, when a patient doesn’t show, the chair is empty, no revenue is coming in, and the employee is getting paid for sitting around. With a call 24 hours in advance, we have the opportunity to fill the slot and maintain our production. Most patients would be upset if they took off work, came in for dental work, and the dentist wasn’t there. Please be courteous and give your dentist 24 hours notice. (We do, however, understand if a true emergency occurs at the time of your appointment. Please just call the office as soon as possible to explain the situation.

#3 – Reschedule if you are sick.

Viruses and bacteria area easily transmitted in the dental office. We are working inside your mouth, and the handpiece (drill) and other instruments spread the microorganisms in the air and throughout the office. Most patients believe that, because we wear masks, we cannot catch their illness. This is not true, however. We recommend that patients with colds, infections, and contagious lesions such as cold sores reschedule to a time when they are no longer infectious.

#4 – Allow at least yearly exam and x-rays.

X-rays are not what they used to be. Advances in film sensitivity and x-ray units have brought radiation exposure down significantly. Offices using digital x-rays with computer sensors decrease it even more. Many problems, including some types of decay and gum problems cannot be diagnosed without x-rays. It is important that dentists be able to properly diagnose any problems when treatment options are simpler and less expensive. Putting off treatment or diagnosis can mean visits to specialists and enduring more time in the dental office and costlier treatment with fewer options.

#5 – Keep up with home care.

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in a dental office is trying to help those who will not help themselves. Poor home care can lead to periodontal (gum) disease and tooth loss. Bleeding gums upon brushing or flossing is a sign of gum disease. Patients should come in regularly and make every attempt to follow the advice of their dentist and dental hygienist. Patients who feel that they do not have a good understanding of what they should be doing or what they need to improve on should ask specific questions that will allow the dentist or dental hygienist to give more specific instructions for the patient to improve his home care.

#6 – Hire a babysitter.

It is impossible for parents to keep a close eye on toddlers when they are having dental work done. If you have a toddler, bring a family member who can keep an eye on the child or hire a babysitter to keep the child at home. This is as much for the safety of the child as anything; there are sharp instruments and dangerous chemicals everywhere within the dental office.

#7 – Turn off your cell phone.

Answering a cell phone while you are in the dental chair should never happen. Turn it off, or at least on vibrate. If you are a patient in a dental office where the staff answers their phone or even carries it around with them while they are treating patients, you should probably either have a talk with your dentist or transfer to another office. At work, our attention should be on the patient and only on the patient.

These are just a few tips that responsible patients can follow to improve the relationship between themselves and their dental office. Patients who care about maintaining a positive professional relationship between themselves and the dental staff are the ones we look forward to treating for years to come.

To conclude, a healthy relationship with your dentist helps in keeping your teeth healthy as well. The dental conference 2020 that is scheduled to take place next month will have dignitaries from medicine who are going to say the same.

Gel Insoles Are An Art Of Magic

Gel insoles and different orthotics aren’t merely something that human-made to make cash off of. Numerous respectable organizations that have broad research and structure divisions make them where researchers work hard to decide how to best form your foot into a shoe for most exceptional comfort.

There is a long list of types of insoles available, and each of them serves different purposes. Athletic & Sports Insoles, Gel Insoles, Warm & Wool Insoles, heat-mouldable Insoles, bulky Duty Insoles, Memory Foam Insoles, High Heel Insoles, Kid’s Insoles, are various insoles to name a few. Gel insoles, however, are considered to be the best insole in the business.

Gel Insoles

Podiatrists (doctors who treat the feet and their ailments) recommend gel insoles. When it comes to shoe insoles, the softer the sole, the better it is. Totsoft insoles aren’t only soft to feel, but also heal the problem. These insoles are perfect for people who need to increase their shoe grip and prevent slipping.

How to use Gel Insoles

Most shoes come with a sole already. These soles are removal. So don’t make the mistake of installing your insole on top of the already existing sole, remove it.

Put the sole inside the shoe to get the idea of the size

Once you know the size, you can trim it according to your foot (if required)

The final step is to slide down the sole into the shoe, and you’re good to go!

How to take care of the soles

It’s essential to take good care of the soles. Taking good care will prolong the life of the soles and in turn, the life of your shoes. And it’s not even a hassle, and it is extremely easy.

Just make sure about these things:

Remove the sole of the shoe once you’re done using it. This will let the sole breathe and expose it to some air.

Also, make sure that when you are washing your shoe at any point, don’t forget to remove the sole, and Hand Wash the sole.

Using Creatine Based Supplements

In a human body, the liver and kidneys in addition to the pancreas have the role of producing Creatine which is through out the body later stored in muscles. Based on the medical research over this chemical compound it is known that the Creatine produced by the body is able to do many functions in the body in addition to muscle growth and the performance and endurance. While there are muscle building supplements that are based on Creatine, you can always depend on the natural food sources that are a great way to introduce the necessary compound in our body.

Remember to check out different websites that offer great products similar to Slim-Tree bulk supplements. The Creatine based foods that are commonly available for our consumption include but not limited to, fish and meat, particularly in steaks. Eggs are also known to be a good source of Creatine. Raw beef and Salmon are also a good source to obtain Creatine. However, if there are cases in which you are unable to consume foods that are to provide the necessary quantity that is needed for muscle building, you can always substitute it by using different muscle building Creatine supplements.

To conclude, Creatine monohydrate in the most common from in which Creatine is made available as supplement. The compound is known to have better excellent muscle building capabilities and bulking up the muscle mass. This in known to be and classified as a performance enhancing chemical which can help improve exercise performance with time. It is to be noted that based on some recent studies, the effect on Creatine on 22 test volunteers showed that they were able to lift 8 percent more weight and their lifting capabilities increased to more than 14 percent over a course of time.

Some Surprising Medical Tricks For Women To Lose Weight!

Excess weight is a burgeoning hassle all over the world, especially women, are facing a lot of challenges because of obesity and excess fat accumulates in different parts of their body. There are various factors that need to be combined to achieve the best results and lose some pounds quickly. You can visit weight loss clinic Houston to learn some unique and useful medical tips to lose weight easily. These tips are small and easy but quite effective if appropriately implemented in daily life. They have profuse health benefits in the long term and can get you rid of excess weight.

Effective weight loss techniques tailor-made for women

Reduce the number of carbs in the diet

Carbs, especially refined carbs, are processed and lose most of the major nutrients and benefits in the process. They only enhance your sugar levels, boost appetite, and add some pounds to your weight, nothing else. Some of the most common refined carbs are pasts, packaged food items, bread, etc. You choose some other better options such as brown rice, barley, oats, etc.

Add resistance exercise to your workout regime

Resistance exercises are highly beneficial in enhancing your muscle endurance and strength. No matter what your fitness goals are, all women can add some resistance exercises to their routine to burn calories. It is more advantageous for the females over the age of 50 as at this age, metabolism is already fast, and these exercises will burn fats more quickly.

Drink a lot of water

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to get fit quickly and lose some fat, then drinking water is the best way as it enhances your metabolism and burns some extra calories. If you drink water before eating, then it will decrease your appetite and allow you to intake less amount of calories.

The Advances In Digital Hearing Aids That Are Helping The Baby Boomers Being Self- Dependent!

The baby boomers today have followed all kinds of generation transformation. All of them are highly updated and believe in flexible thinking. It’s no more a matter of age. They can do whatever they want to and take matters in their own hands; doesn’t matter if it’s buying furniture or a digital hearing aid.

Baby boomers are well-acquainted with all the technology. They have aged with time but their working experience and perseverance are commendable. Thus, today technological company strives hard to make things as independent and supple as it could be for them.

With the advancement in computers, baby boomers have no problem to adjust. They want to research their medical issues on the internet and find remedies rather than opting to go out to the doctor’s for help’ well, there’s nothing wrong in opting for a doctor, but this group of generation wants to be independent.

Hence, below is some advancement in the digital hearing aid that baby boomers find convenient:

  • Self-adjustable

Many times, these people suffer problems from the non-adjustable features of their hearing aid. Either there’s a problem of sound quality or frequency. This leads to always visiting your audiologists resulting in a waste of time, money, and power. Hence, the technologies today have made the hearing aids self-adjustable. Any problems with your aid can be adjusted by the baby boomers.

  • No fitting problem.

Baby boomers can take advantage of the digital hearing aid without the problem of fittings. These hearing heroes are open fitted that is adjustable according to the size of the year. Also, they come as an earphone that can easily be put in the ear.

  • Service facility

Don’t need to run to the doctors anymore. The facilities exist in online and telecommunications services.

Hence, baby boomers you are under your control and no more dependent on others for your comfort.