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4 Brain Games To Help Your Kids Become Smarter While Keeping Them Away From Mainstream Online Games

Nowadays, kids are becoming a regular fixture in the situs togel online community. Whether these kids are playing Fortnite, Roblox, or League of Legends, keeping them away from these online games has become a challenging chore.

Some of these games could be beneficial to a child’s development, but there are inherent risks when kids overindulge playing these games. What if there are games that could encourage your kids to refrain from playing these online games? Here are the 4 brain games that could help your kids become smarter while ushering them away from mainstream online games.


Monopoly is a classic board game that is designed to teach kids the art of negotiations, improve the kids’ mathematical and statistical skills, and help kids the diversification concept. What better way to start the kids’ learning by playing this community-based game?

Fit Brains

Fit Brains is a mobile/online software designed for brain training. Its developers claim that players could improve their memory and concentration by playing Fit Brains. Your family, including your kids (it’s never too early to start them with brain games), can play memory, visual, focus, speed, logic, and language games.


While some children would find Chess boring and complicated, studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between improved academic performance and playing chess. Studies suggest that by playing Chess, kids can also enhance their skills in reading, mathematics, object and pattern recognition.


Tetris is a timeless game with a well-documented research history. In one study, adolescent girls played Tetris for 1.5 hours per week for three months, and the study concluded that brain efficiency increased during, and after playing Tetris. For parents whose children are slightly overweight, the study also hints that playing Tetris may help reduce food cravings and could be helpful in weight management.

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