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Expert Guide To Trade In Major Cryptocurrencies

The recent crypto bull run is commanding aspiring investors from almost all walks of life. Are you too inspired by the bullish trends and aspiring to trade in cryptocoins? Well, that’s great as cryptocurrencies usually promise far higher returns than stock trading- but provided you know how to trade right. The post below shares a pro guide on trading in cryptocurrencies with success.

  • Educate yourself

The world of cryptocurrency is vast and complicated. Signing up for crypto trade without a solid knowledgebase will be too overwhelming for any trader. Thus, your first task here is to equip yourself with as much knowledge possible about the crypto industry. It will help you in every aspect of the trade- ranging from choosing the most potential currencies to form of trading to selecting an exchange and so on.

  • Check the market cap

One of the worst mistakes here is to buy a coin based on price. But that’s not the wise thing to do. Don’t just buy a coin only because it shows low price. You would rather concentrate your focus on market cap of a coin. Higher is the market cap of a cryptocoin, better is its potential for investment.

  • Set stop loss and profit margin

This is another most important tip to remember while trading in cryptocurrencies. If a trader does not maintain a limit for profit and loss, he is sicher nicht reich warden.

Before you start the trading, set a predefined profit margin as well as stop loss benchmark. The profit margin will decide how much profit you would aim for each day. And you must stick to that only even if you are constantly getting higher selling prices. In regards to “stop loss”, you should set a limit of losses per trading session. This will make sure you are not getting overboard with the losses.

Are Bitcoins Being Used For Illegal Projects?

Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most dominant buzzwords today. But, the biggest cryptocurrency is grabbing headlines not just for its projected million dollar reach in near future. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has been traced to be abused for multiple illegal projects in recent times.

  • Multiple studies prove the link

As per a recent study, nearly 1/4th Bitcoin users as well as 50% BTC transactions have been found to be linked with illegal activities. As per further data, around $72 billon worth illicit activities involve Bitcoin annually. The alarming part is that figure is closer to the huge illegal drug space in the European and American markets.

One of the most important studies on BTC’s link with illegal activities was carried last year by a rising blockchain analysis company. The study reported a 5x increment in volume of illegal operations concerning Bitcoin blockchain in between 2013-2016. It was an extensive study based on the analysis of 500,000+ bitcoins. On the basis of the research, the organization detected more than 100 criminal entities, including dark-web marketplaces, malware/ransomware attackers and ponzi schemes.

  • Is the problem manageable?

Well, an interesting finding has come up in BTC-related illegal activities.

According to the blockchain analysis company that conducted the researched mentioned above, 95 percent of laundered coins that were tracked actually came from 9 dark-web marketplaces. A close examination of blockchain activity in regards to these crypto crimes could reveal the accounts which have been engaged in the illegal activities.

The good news is a new advanced software has been developed to track the activities on BTC blockchains. The software is automatisiert to gather data on every transaction carried on those blockchain which can further reveal the addressed engaged in those activities. If those data can be sent to law enforcement agencies, they can take appropriate steps to trace the main criminals.

Five Merits Of Bitcoins That You Didn’t Know!

Bitcoin needs no introduction, it is one of the best way to invest your money in the stock market, and if you are skeptical about and how to invest or carry out transaction. To help you have proper understanding about Bitcoin Superstar, we bring you its five merits that would help you to have better understanding about it.

  • Different Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoins are also known as crypto currency, cyber cash now a days more and retailers and service providers are accepting bit coins.

The transaction made either online or through a mobile device and it cannot be traced backto the user.

One of the main benefits is that there is no transaction cost and tax involved

It cannot be stolen as it is not a paper currency. As the system is very hard to breech therefore it is considered save, as they work on mathematical algorithms known as block chain.

Unlike other currency it is non-inflationary thus its value does not declines or rise depending upon the stock market.  As it is based on bitcoin mining which is limited and cannot be created in bulk.

It is not limited to particular nation, and the universal use of the bitcoin would reduce the fees ofmoney conversion. It is based on open source code.

Above mentioned are a few benefits of bitcoin it is said to be the currency of future and it has great prospects as well.

  •  How you can invest in Bitcoins?

There are numerous bit coins exchanges all across the globe that would take your cash and it can be easily exchange into value in bitcoins. A lot of people from different nooks and corner of the world have invested into digital money.

It is conducted and carried in fair way, so there is no chance of fraud and other kind of theft.

Forex Trading: 3 Tips On How To Minimize Risk

Foreign exchange or widely known as Forex trading is considered to be a risky endeavor and investment due to how unpredictable the market is. The amount of money placed into this kind of business will surely make or break you if not properly managed.

However, it only takes better understanding of the risks you will take to properly manage this kind of business. Here are some tips on how you can minimize the risk in forex trading.

Keep it Low

One of the most powerful tools in investment is leverage. Like most things, if you misused this, it can definitely get you in big trouble. For you to be able to multiply gains with less losses, you need put keep your leverage low.

It will allow you to create much greater returns and control the money you are investing.

Don’t Trade When Not Needed

If you are into Forex trading, you will probably receive a lot of inbox messages inviting you to events about financial markets. This might sound inviting, but you need to remember that brokers and new providers have nothing to lose on this mainly because it is not their money.

You always need to remember that everything comes handy these days that even bitcoin is allowed to be freely traded in the market. Always asses before saying yes.

Trade higher timeframes

In the business of forex trading, going for short time frames is more stressful and makes less profit. If you trade with higher timeframes, it can provide you more certainty on which to plan trades.

It will also give you more time to think deeply on how you will play your trade. Also, the fees are proportionately lower when you trade in higher timeframes.

6 Phases Involved In The Process Of Home Mortgage Loan

Finding and shifting in a new home can be very exciting, but people find the mortgage process as confusing while some find it overwhelming. The process of Home Mortgage Loan varies from person to person, depending on the factor. But one must have proper knowledge on what are the steps that are included in the mortgage loan process. This process includes 6 phases and helps you to get loan up to $1000 loan.

  • Mortgage pre-approval

This is the frontend step in the loan mortgage process. In the pre-approval process, lender gain knowledge about your financial situation means to check your assets and fixed income and then decide whether you are a right candidate or not. Before house shopping, you need to follow this step.

  • House shopping

The lender will pre-approve you, and now you do house shopping. This is the work of buyers and real estate agents that are involved in buying the house.

  • Application of loan

After getting successful in the above two steps, now, you need a mortgage loan application. This application includes information about you and your property that is to be purchased and the type of loan you are applying for.

  • Mortgage processing

Now you can move into mortgage processing state, and in this, the lenders or processors will collect the documents like tax records, purchase agreement, and more from you.

  • Underwriting of mortgage

This is the second last step in which the underwriter will examine all the documents, and he mainly focuses on 3 C’s of underwriting that is capacity, credit, and collateral.

  • Approval and closing of the mortgage

If the underwriter is satisfied by all the requirements and guidelines, then he will approve you the loan, and then there is closing.

One needs to know about all the phases that are included in the process of home mortgage loan in detail and check all the requirements and guidelines of mortgage underwriter.