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How an Effective Thesis Should Look Like

When writing a thesis, you are looking for the best way to convince your reader of your argument. This can be a difficult task especially since you don’t have an idea of how your audience thinks and what can convince them. Nevertheless, you have to work with this uncertainty and bring out the best thesis the audience have ever seen. The following are some important points that you should have in mind when writing your thesis. 001_essay

  • An effective thesis can never be answered by a simple ‘no’ or ‘yes’

If at any one point you though that you can write a simple thesis that can easily be concluded by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, then you have never been as wrong as you are now. It takes time to develop an effective thesis considering that it can be analytical, expository, or argumentative.

  • A thesis is not a topic, fact or an opinion

The earlier you understand this about your topic, the better you are at writing a good thesis. Although you are trying to bring people to your school of thought, you also want to be as realistic as possible. Make sure that your arguments and evidence are factual. Be unique and try to avoid using statements that have used a couple of times before. This is the perfect recipe to bore your audience.001_essay-writing

  • A good thesis has two parts; what and how you plan to argue

The first thing your audience looks at in your thesis is what you are arguing about. You want to be as clear as possible with this and make it appear in the beginning of your paper. Secondly, the thesis should announce how you plan to execute your argument. This way, you have succeeded in writing your thesis.


The time has come and you are probably thinking of writing an essay to be successful. Well, with a good thesis guide you are in good hands.