logoWhat people may not commonly realize about the Internet is its need for human intervention, no matter how advanced it becomes. While there’s a plethora of information already available online, the world wide web still requires some help to be optimized. Let’s say, at one point, it needs writers for fresh ideas, and that’s where we come in.

CC2K is a blog specifically designed to perpetuate the Internet and the power of knowledge and connectivity. We’ll only stop writing when there’s nothing more to share.

Our Name, Two Thousand Stories

In the medical field, a cc refers to a cubic centimeter, which is a metric unit of volume equivalent to 1 mL. They are equal units of measure derived differently. On the other hand, 2k directly equates to ‘two thousand,’ where “k=1,000.” Hence in a scientific notion, CC2K may mean 2 thousand cc’s, 2000 mL or just 2L.

Two liters. Of all measurements of volume, this amount never fails to amaze us. It’s like a key to a general health rule: if you want to stay fit and disease-free, drink at least 2L of water daily.

The team has other significant stories to share about our name. However, one thing is for sure. CC2K is filled with creativity and singularity. We don’t settle for the mediocre or the usual.

Our readers may expect a similar level of original, careful thought on our posts with less scientific equations and mathematical headaches. We’re sure to deliver things under a different light. Join us and be astonished!