Some Hard-Learned Lessons Given By Veteran Fountain Pen Addict

The appearance and mystique associated with fountain pens incredible and most people have a sentimental attachment with their writing sword. If you are someone new with the hobby of collecting pens, this piece of information will be really helpful. For further assistance you can allude- Do not miss out that collecting pens is hobby and it’s not a race. You can and build your own concept for purchase. You might be having a lot of pens if you are an addict, cultivate the habit of sharing and passing it to someone who requires it more than you.

  • Each brand has its personality

Maybe it will convince you, maybe not.

  • Makeup your idea

Never feels the pressure.

  • Stay away from the limited edition theory

It’s not necessary to have the latest and limited editions always.

  • Sometimes bad nibs follow good pens

Your opinion with a pen may get soured with bad nibs.

  • Don’t miss the writing hierarchy

Know your writing expressions.

  • In case you don’t use it, pass it

pass on the used pens, if necessary.

  • Take care of your pens

Always use cushions to cover your pen and safe inks.

  • It’s better to take a chance

It is healthy to take low budget risks while purchasing.

  • Purchase with confidence

Purchasing used items is always a better and adaptive option as it saves money along with your research.

  • Cherish small communities

The industry of fountain pens is smaller as compared to the multinational giants.

  • Worry about ink, not pen

Ink is comparatively cheaper so don’t bother.

  • Pay attention to your behavior 

Keep track about your maintenance with pen and ink.

  • Do not compete with others

Do not indulge in luxurious collection or fancies.

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