Knowing The Possible Dangers Of Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are one of the most convenient inventions of all time. Unlike wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses provide compact use and storage. Some people don’t want to wear glasses, simply because they are shy. And this may lead to further detriment to their eyes and eyesight. Contact lenses are perfect for people who don’t want to use eyeglasses. But it isn’t entirely safe; there are possible dangers of using contact lenses. Many factors may happen when you wear contact lenses. Especially if you are irresponsible or careful when you wear or acquire contact lenses. For you to know the possible dangers of using contact lenses, you should do research. But here are the primary dangers of irresponsible acquisition and the use of contact lenses.

Oxygen Deprivation To The Eyes

For people who don’t know the dangers of oxygen deprivation to our eyes. Thus, this mostly happens when you fall asleep while wearing your contacts on. Closing your eyelids for more extended periods, press down contact lenses. And this deprives our pupils of oxygen, which is detrimental to our eyes. Also, this may lead to several eye diseases such as corneal hypoxia and regular itchiness. You should avoid sleeping with your contact lenses on as much as possible. Not only oxygen deprivation makes your eyes prone to detrimental health risks. It may lead to poor eyesight in the future as well.

Eye Infections

Contact lenses may infect your eyes with bacteria and viruses. Which is mainly caused by not thoroughly cleaning your contact lenses. Thus, this may lead to itchiness, redness, and regularly tearing up. You can also get eye infections if you wear contact lenses for more extended periods. Or using contact lenses that are not suitable for your eyes. There are contact lenses used for fashion and cosplay. There are disposable contact lenses that aren’t suitable for using daily. Such contact lenses are more prone to eye infections, which are detrimental to the eyes.

Blurry Vision

Wearing contact lenses directly hit our eyes; this means it risks our eyes. It is at risk with oxygen deprivation, eye infections, which all leads to blurry vision. Every detriment that our eyes experience affects its overall health. You should make sure that your contact lens is well-made and fits your eyes. If not, you are risking its health, which is not a good thing to do. Our eyes are our source of vision, and if our vision deteriorates. We are more likely to be less productive and cannot function properly.

Light Sensitivity

When we wear contact lenses, the materials, they are made from reflects light. On some cases, it even amplifies the light that passes through. And this may lead to lighting sensitivity whenever you wear it. Though it is not a common danger when wearing contact lenses. Being sensitive to light may be blinding for other people, especially colored ones. There are pink contacts, green contacts, and many more colors. Whenever you take off your contact lens, you may also feel like everything is dark. It will just take time for your eyes to adjust with you using your contact lens. Other than that, wearing contact lenses that are quality-made do not put you at risk.

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