How Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Made

Making a sterling silver jewelry can be both a hobby and a business. Number of people who are engaging into this activity has been increasing over time because of the respect that silver jewelry attracts to people. Silver jewelry has wide variety of great things. This precious metals can be used for fashion, utensils and tableware, and even currency coins. Whether you are planning to make sterling jewelry as a hobby or to start your own business, it is important to know what the right process is. Hence, to help you out, here are the easy and simple ways of making silver jewelry.

Sculpting with silver clay

The first thing you need to do is sculpting with silver clay. To do this, first you must select a heat source. After sculpting your clay, you need to fire it at a high heat to burn away the binding material and leave the pure silver alone. Next, you have to buy a sterling silver clay. It is ideal to buy it online because most of the stores are out of stock and you can also find cheaper rates. Now that you have a sterling silver, form the clay into the design that you want, dry and sand the clay, and fire the clay with torch. Afterwards, you need to fire again the clay with other sources of heat such as stove and kiln. Afterwards polish the surface.

Buffing machine and jeweler’s saw

The next step is to form the design and shape of the silver that you want. This will be done through the use of buffing machine and jeweler’s saw.

Lastly, after shaping your desired silver, you may now do the polishing. It is advisable to use materials and that are designed for silver use only.

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