Sports Specific Training Workouts – a dynamic workout

Well, here is something that will help you work out in a better manner. In short with this warm up your power will be increased and you will be able to run faster and also jump higher. This might have amazed you on just the thought of it, isn’t it? Now, let us have a better look into this.

What does this drill include?

To start out, the drill has something that is known as a movement circuit and this will help you in increasing the mobility of your hips and it will also be useful to increase the flexibility. In the beginning, you need to do a light job and then start pedalling backwards. After this, you will have to do a sideways job so that you get your groins a bit warmed up. Make sure you start off with small steps and then increase the length of your steps later on.

What does the next drill include?

The next drill that you have to do is called high knees and this is what your ultimate goal with this drill should look like.

  • Match the opposite leg with your opposite arm

  • Get your heels right up to your butt area

After this, the next drill that follows is very similar to the high knees. All you need to do is when you bring your knee on top make sure that your toes are also pointing upwards and then you have to walk back.

This is what your warm up will look like. It isn’t something very difficult to do. so make sure you get it done all right.

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