How To Buy The Best Tennis Shoes?

Playing tennis requires speed, agility and coordination. As a player, you need to be able to move and change direction swiftly to smash back the tennis ball to your opponent. As such, for a player to be comfortable and convenient in playing, he or she must wear the appropriate tennis shoes. Wearing the right shoes for you will improve your performance in the game. There are several brands and types of tennis shoes in the market. As a beginner, you might be overwhelmed in choosing the right shoes for you. To help you out, here are the things that you need to consider in buying tennis shoes.


Style is an important key to consider when buying tennis shoes. But generally, tennis shoes are designed to be more flat than other footwear and it has detailed and specific patterns on the sole. This pattern of tennis hsoes is designed for frequent stops, and starts while moving around the court influence the waytennis shoes are designed.

Playing style

Another factor to consider is the playing style of your tennis shoes. Tehcnically speaking, there are two types of playing style which are baseline player and serve and volley player. The first one primarily plays along the backline of the court and the shoes normally require lateral support. While the latter part is for player that frequently charges the net.

Surface of the court

Another factor to consider is the court surface type. Generally, there are three types of this surface which are the hrad court, soft or clay court and multi-court.

Foot Type

Lastly, you should also consider your foot type in choosing the right tennis shoes for you. It could be overpronation, neutral and under pronation or supination.

With these options and factors, you can now choose the right tennis shoes for you while playing BandarQQ.

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