X Beginners Golf Tips Every New Player Should Follow

Are you new to golf and looking forward to level up soon? Well, it would call for a sound knowledge on the game, strong physical fitness and high patience. And of course, you must also develop good experience in the winning techniques of the game just as you do when you play lottery from a togel online terpercaya site. The post below offers a brief on the expert tips every beginner golfer should follow.

Be careful of putting

Though usually ignored yet putting plays a key role in around half of the strokes played in one single round. Thus, you should be careful to practice putting techniques. Look for a coach who gives special emphasis on training on putting techniques.

Strengthen your grip

A powerful grip is fundamental to perfect golf. It’s your hands that will maneuver the club and hence a strong grip is mandatory. There are 3 main types of grips- Vardon, baseball and interlocking. You may not have to master all three. Find out which kind of grip complements your specific playing style and work on it.

Go for cavity-back clubs

If you have senior members in the family who plays or used to play golf, you will be familiar with the old-world bladed clubs. But according to modern golf experts, players should rather opt for the latest cavity-back clubs. They come with oversized head as well as better “sweet spot” which altogether assure bigger contact with ball and hence more effective hits. Most importantly, a cavity-back club can reduce chances of futile shots with traditional clubs. These clubs are used by many professionals today. However, since you are a beginner, you must look for the beginners’ sets.

Stress on hips for down swing

Do you know the main reason behind faults in down swing? Well, it majority of cases it’s the wrong start with upper body. For the perfect down swing, start with lower body and then graduate the momentum to upper body.


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