Tradition Of Wedding Jewelry Styles

Weddings are once in a lifetime occasions and is considered to be one of the biggest days in a bride’s life. This is the day when a bride should be at her most beautiful. Aside from having the perfect wedding dress, brides would want their accessories and wedding jewelry work in a streamlined fashion for her to achieve the perfect look she so desires on her wedding day.

Aside from being ornamental and fashionable in purpose, wedding jewelry accessories have history and its use and style have been based on tradition. Each piece carries a specific purpose such as good luck and fertility, and most importantly as a symbol of unity and commitment, like when you give relationship bracelets to your significant others.

 Wedding ring for brides

The most common and most known wedding jewelry that carries the most important message is of course the wedding ring. This is the ultimate symbol of love, unity, and commitment the bride is promising to give to her groom. Traditionally, a bride’s wedding ring would have gemstones, usually diamonds, embedded either around the ring in smaller sizes, or a big one in the middle. It’s also usually visually complementary to the engagement ring she received when the groom proposed.

Nowadays, brides have started to break away from this traditional style of wedding rings and have started considering uniquely designed rings to make a statement and showcase their individuality.

Wedding bands for the groom

If brides have wedding rings, grooms have wedding bands. This small band of either gold or platinum serves as the groom’s symbol of undying love, unity and commitment to his bride. Traditionally, weddings bands are just plain metal bands, with minimal engravings and design. Some brides have their husband’s wedding bands engraved with a message underneath.

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