Effects Of Cannabis Legalization In Canada

Canada is just one of the countries with a large production of cannabis. It is also a country where youth can freely consume cannabis and a lot of their youth are suffering from addiction. Recently Canada stated the legalization of medicinal cannabis. That was also the time where most of its citizens worried about the possible increase of injuries, crimes, and accidents.

After the legalization, a lot of changes happened in the country’s economy and even in its environment and some of the obvious changes are listed below.

  1. Investment Opportunities

Like mentioned, Canada is considered to be one of the countries with a large production of Cannabis and considering the fact that already half of the states in the U.S. implemented the legalization of medicinal cannabis it greatly affected the production of cannabis in Canada. It even promoted investment in cannabis production. Many drug companies and investors stated their desire to invest in medicinal cannabis production because of the possible increase in its demand.

  1. Black Market Increase

One of the goals of the law is to reduce the illicit use and selling of cannabis but instead, after less than a year of implementing the legal use of cannabis, it is found that the numbers of the black markets are still thriving. Because people are still longing for pure and natural cannabis instead, of the formulated drug that is being sold in the legal market.

  1. No Change in Number of Consumers

To decrease the number of cannabis consumers is just one of the goals of the new law for cannabis legalization. But after a few months of implementation, there are still no changes seen in the number of cannabis users. Even the number of illegal cannabis users didn’t show any changes and illegal online marijuana dispensaries are even thriving.

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