Amazon Influencers That You Can Learn From

Amazon is a huge platform that is constantly changing because of the large number of users, which is also the reason why there’s a lot to know when starting your Amazon FBA business.

These Amazon influencers will surely help you in making your business grow by providing information about e-commerce, Amazon, and so on.

  1. Andy Geldman
    A well-known blogger who has already established his name for writing about e-commerce for the last 13 years. He has already gained lots of knowledge and can already be considered as an expert in the field of e-commerce.Andy is also the founder of an e-commerce source website named WebRetailer. It talks all about e-commerce from the basic ones like sourcing tools for your product to the international predictions on the future of e-commerce globally.
  2. Stephen Smotherman
    Get to know the genius behind the website called Full-Time FBA. It is an open website that helps Amazon sellers to make their Amazon FBA business grow and make them a full-time seller.Other than writing blogs about seller metrics, keywords, and outsourcing, he also uploads YouTube videos that will teach you lots of information regarding Amazon. Even if you’re not an FBA seller, you will still find his contents useful.
  3. Ina and David Steiner
    The two co-founders of a news website named eCommerce Bytes, a reliable source for every online seller. They provide different tips and current news about the e-commerce industry that people need to know.

Their website has already existed since 1999, which might also explain why their website has a bit of an old-school vibe. However, they still have quality contents through the past 18 years and gives the readers relevant information about online business.

A great practice in becoming successful is to accept learning from others. Considering how huge the e-commerce industry today, you can surely learn a lot of different things from different people like amazon account suspension and prime usage, metrics, and so on. It will not just make your business grow, but also you as a businessperson.

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