Even More Free Ways to Get Clash of Clans Gems

Gems, without a doubt, are one of the most highly-coveted materials for clash of clans. This is because in getting gems, you are able to have more power and do better things for your clan. With that said, the coc hack tool lists that can be found on the internet have proven to be popular. If you doubt the effectiveness of these tools, however, then there are ways for you to get gems without doing any of these, and one of these is through certain in-game features that may not be known or just arbitrarily discovered by some. Let’s find some of these out below.

Gem Boxes

A gem box is something that can be removed and done only once. To get a new one, you need to remove what has been installed. There is just one in the entire village, and spawns for 7 days, however, this does not really guarantee that you get one in every week. One way to help increase the odds of your getting a gem box is to remove the obstacles in your village like trees frequently. Getting one gem box allows you to have 25 gems, from which you can already do a lot.

Mini Events

There are certain Clash of Clans events that can be played in order for you to get as many as 30 to 100 gems. These can be accessed through the 3 attacks that are usually featured in the event. This is really easy, and the low costs for the troop will give you the opportunity to have profit and gain more than just gems, but also Gold, Elixir, and a Dark Elixir for the attacks. Be watchful for these mini events, as these are great opportunities for you to get gems.

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