Tips on How to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube a well-known site for people who loves watching videos. Thousands of people are using this site from kids to adults. Why YouTube is popular? Simply because it caters the people’s like for watching videos.

Nowadays, you can upload your videos on YouTube and become a “Youtuber”. There are people who post a lot of videos to gain followers and to gather views. There are people also who used YouTube to influence other people with their stories. How to get more views on YouTube? Here are the tips to gain and gather people to view your videos on YouTube:

  1. Good Video Content

In this tip, you should have to think of your own ideas and stories that are relevant in society. Watch other youtuber’s video and learn from it. In making a video content you can team up with other people like your friends, neighbors and some willing youtubers. Be more creative and original about the story of your video.

  1. Good Editing

Some youtubers gain more views because of the good editing of their videos. If you know how to edit then you must learn additional tricks like putting some video transitions and background music. Many youtubers hired Editor to edit their videos to make sure that it will look superb. You also need a piece of good editing equipment like a high-end computer that can give you a good result. A good camera is also needed to shoot videos and take pictures.

  1. Collaboration

A lot of people now are uploading videos on YouTube from actors, singers to ordinary people. There are famous youtubers in the world, if you can do a video with them there’s a chance that you can gain more views. Well, start from a youtuber that is famous in your country, do a collaboration with that youtuber so that he/she can advertise it also with some friends.

  1. Advertise Your Video on Social Media

This is one way of gaining views on YouTube, using social media is one of them. If you have Facebook and Instagram account you can put a link on your profile to share with your followers. Most youtuber are using this because if you have thousands of friends, they can see the link and they can share them on their wall as well. This is an effective and proven way to gather followers and viewers on YouTube.

Indeed, it’s not easy to gain more views on YouTube. There are some who buy real YouTube views by giving them coupons or even sending them money. There are a lot of hardships and al lot of patience is needed to be a successful youtuber and gain views. As an ordinary citizen, becoming a youtuber takes a lot of determination and perseverance. Gaining the attention of people is not easy, some are picky and some doesn’t mind. So, if you want to be a Youtuber you better watch famous youtuber so that you can get an idea for your first video.

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