Premier League Might Ban Manchester City Due To Sponsorship Breach

The Premier League is becoming more exciting than ever as new issues arise. One of which is about one of their team, the Manchester City’s likely ban from the Champions League. The reason behind it, according to reports, are due to the alleged breaking of rule of the UEFA.

The law of the governing body clearly states the amount of money that a club and its owner can spend for the club and team. This is made to stop hyperinflation in the football transfer market.

As of now, the City is under investigation, as well as their issue about the alleged leaked emails that show they are receiving financial support from the Abu Dhabi United Group for their sponsorship campaigns.

Sheikh Mansour, the chief of the City, also happens to own the ADUG. With this, it’s very likely that the City will be banned if these emails are proven to be true.

In fact, the UEFA Financial Control Body Chief Investigator Yves Leterme, said that Manchester City might face a heavy and serious punishment if they’re proven to break the rules.

This could even mean that they will be out from the league, which unfortunately, is the top table league in Europe. This will negatively impact their capability of getting stronger and better players as well. Because of this, the latest updates are becoming an increasingly hot topic in the media, with which you can keep track on an UpMaker IPTV service.

Furthermore, the issues stems from the fact that Der Spiegel, the source of the emails, says that their high income seems to come from an increased sponsorship contract, instead of the funding of the club’s owner.

Moreover, Emeke Obasi, the agent of Sancho, said that the City appeared to have received £200,000. However, Manchester City states that it is an agent fee and nothing more. Manchester City spokespersons said that all these are just attempts to damage the reputation of the club.

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