Choosing The Right Corrugated Box Style

Packaging is the main thing in order to deliver the products without any damage. For the purpose of packaging, today many business firms and companies use corrugated boxes. There are many types of corrugated boxes that help in packaging different materials. The type of corrugated box depends on the flute and boards used. The flute is nothing but the thickness of the wall. Depending on its thickness, they are classified as A, B, C, E and F. A size is a corrugated box with larger thickness wall. It can also be changed depending on the needs and are manufactured as custom corrugated boxes.

How to choose the right corrugated box style?

Depending on the boards used the corrugated box are chosen as follows

  • Single face

It has a single flute line and hence used for transferring glass items. The board is wrapped around the glass and fragile items to provide protection.

  • Single wall

It is the most used corrugated material by many manufacturers that helps to export goods. They are extremely strong and can withstand different weights. A retail packaging that needs to be shipped uses a single-walled corrugated box.

  • Double wall

The double walled boxes can be used for heavier items compared to single-walled. However, their flute lining is stronger to single-walled but not as to hold heavily weighted materials. The custom corrugated boxes are preferred which are a combination of the flute sizes to transport different materials.

  • Triple wall

The triple walled corrugated boxes have higher strengths and durability compared to the above-mentioned box styles. The durability is higher and it can withstand heavy weights.

With the help of types of styles by which corrugated boxes are made, you can come to an idea on which to choose for wrapping and transporting. In addition to this, many companies manufacture custom corrugated boxes that help in mixing these styling and flute needs to carry different weights.

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