Tramadol: Other Substances You Should Not Take

Tramadol is one of those medications for pain that needs prescriptions with every purchase. The reason for this is that even if it is highly effective, it is notorious for bringing a lot of negative side effects, especially among those who are taking other substances. This is just one of the important things which you have to consider, most especially if you would want to purchase Tramadol. In order for your taking of this to be as risk-free as possible, and in order for the side-effects you would be experiencing would not be that severe, the following are substances which the taking alongside Tramadol is a big no-no.

Narcotic Medications

Tramadol is classified as such, due to the nature of its mechanism. Having said this, opioid pain medicine, or cough medicine for prescription are just some of the common medications which are narcotic in nature. Having an overload of drugs which work in terms of a similar mechanism could have effects which is definitely negative, and could even be fatal.


Slow-Breathing, Drowsiness-Inducing Drugs

Drugs of this kind include sleeping pills, sedatives, muscle relaxers, antipsychotic medicine, tranquilizers, as well as depressants, such as alcohol. The reason why you have to avoid these kinds of drugs is due to the fact that Tramadol itself would cause you to breathe slowly than before. Taking in tramadol alongside other drugs may cause organs used in breathing to cease functioning altogether.

Serotonin Level-Altering Drugs

Under this category of drugs are those usually used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, migraine headaches, severe infections, and those drugs which prevent you from feeling nauseous or throwing up.

Other Drugs

While the three kinds of drugs above would cause negative reactions, other drugs which may interact with tramadol include other over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and even herbal products.

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