Daily Archive: Sunday, May 7, 2017

Honda Odyssey: The Perfect Family Car

For families that still haven’t moved on to SUV crossovers, the minivan is still there for you and there are a lot of models still that will provide the comfort and stability that old vans used to provide, and way better. It’s a safe choice for a car and to make sure that you get your best we have reviewed one of the most trusted models in the minivan market which is the Honda Odyssey. c3


The Odyssey has been a constant support for families and even though Honda hasn’t changed anything about the design of the car, they still made some changes to the interiors like a vacuum and a rear seat entertainment system. The minivan strikes all the right chords when it comes to design, style and comfort. The design is well known and serves the purpose very well.

The design inside, with its rear seat entertainment has picked up a notch and is the buttons and knobs work better than the touch screen as the driver doesn’t have much to look at. The 2017 Honda Odyssey carries the same engine as the previous ne which is a 3.6ltr, V-6 mated to a 6 speed automatic. The V-6 churns a 248HP and 250 pound feet of torque.

The comfort and the space are the main factors of the car and it sure does deliver on them.  8 adults can sit into the seats comfortably for a smooth ride and when the back row is folded then it keep up to 90 cubic meter of gear. In the top models forward collision and lane departure warnings are available and the latch child seat is good enough. All the models are equipped with standard air bags that assure your safety at all moments. This is a car that was particularly designed for big families and you should definitely go for it.