Looking at the Different Types of Running Shoes

If you are into running, then you need to have the proper knowledge when it comes to running shoes. This is because these are your companion when the actual running starts. If you know a lot of things about these, then you’ll surely be running faster than ever, just like how you play Run Fred.

Here are some of the different types of running shoes:

Trail Runners

Trail runners are the running shoes that are basically made for running in whatever kind of surface. You can use this wherever you like, because these are ideal for running in different kinds of weather conditions. They’re the most reliable and durable when compared to the other kinds of running shoes.


Trainers are the running shoes that are usually heavier than the other types. These feature a better and enhanced cushioning. What’s really cool about these trainers is that they are not only made for running, but you can also wear them for casual occasions. If you want to have a shoe that you can use for running and for everyday use as well, then trainers are what you need.

Racing Shoes

These racing shoes are the ones that have the greatest number of varieties. The main feature that these racing shoes have is that they are really very lightweight. When compared to the weight of standard trainer shoes, most racing shoes only have half the weight. If you really love to improve your performance, then racer running shoes are what you need to have.

Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes are an unconventional type of running shoes because these are like gloves for your foot. It’s just like running barefoot, but your feet is protected from the different hazards that are on the road or pathway. You might find these a little bit uncomfortable to wear especially when the surface that you are running in is a little bit jagged or uneven.

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