The History of LED Shoes

The 1990s kids will remember the amazing time of LED sneaker which lit up when they took a step. These shoes could be laced up and lights up every time the heel hits the ground. An LED is fit onto the lower part of the shoe, in the heel so that as you run at the edge of fashion curve to announce to the world your arrival. But how did simple sneakers become an attractive futuristic form that made everyone turn around. Here is the story of how sneakers evolved over the years.   yzy-led-sneakers-yzy-led-shoes-gall3

  • 1917: Most shoes that existed till mid nineteenth century were built to be uninteresting, plain and plaintively boring. Their uniformity was so plain that most people had one shoe pretty much made up for both right and left shoe. But this changed after rubber-soled shoes were introduced in 1917. They were so much quieter than the traditional shoes which earned them the name ‘sneakers’. They were actually built for athletic activity but their level of comfort was so good that they eventually became a popular everyday wear.Green-led-shoes
  • 1970s & 1980s: As World War II came to an end, sneakers were commonly worn by almost everyone. But as Americans began to get their share of disposable income, sneakers of more expensive product lines with designed company logos which made them a symbol of status. It was also around this time that podiatrist started working with shoe manufacturers in order to provide shoes to athletes to enhance performance and reduce injuries. They also became a basketball sensation during the NBA season.419SmHMasyL
  • 1990s: As basketball began to overshadow baseball in 1990s, it also paved way to the rise of sneakers’ status. Inflatable shoes which embodied a button on the tongue to pump the shoe with air began to appear. Their purpose was to customize the shoe to fit the foot of the wearer. In the year 1992, LED schuhe also known as Light Up Shoes began to hit the store shelves and 5 million pairs were sold by the company in a year.
  • Today: It became clear that kids were not the only ones interested in LED sneakers as they saw success even in the eyes of the grownups who enjoyed the magical and fun sneakers that represents their youth. However, the LED sneakers have now become cooler than ever with lights encircling not just the heel but also the sole of the shoe. They are also fit with batteries that are rechargeable and can be used for a period of six hours when charged.

Since the fierce comeback of LED sneakers, there been a huge demand for them which has also triggered the development of a new line of sneakers just for the adults. You can now relive the 1990s days as you put on your LED shoe with your kid to enjoy a fun filled day with lights. These sneakers have made a fierce comeback and there is no turning back.

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