Greatest Footballers Of All Time

Football is the most followed sport in the world and its players are considered Gods in many countries across the world, revered and adored more than anyone could imagine being. This is probably one of the best 10 years or so in world football that saw two top players fighting to be the best player in world and to make their teams the dominant force. The world has rarely seen a rivalry as intense as Ronaldo and Messi’s and they have definitely etched their names in the echelons of legends. So let’s talk about all the other greats that have graced the world. Daftar sekarang for more news on sports. sports-equipment-1441236731-600x360


Pele is the greatest striker of all time and he was popularly voted the best footballer to ever play the game in 1999 by previous Ballon D’Or winners. He has also been voted FIFA player of the century. HE has won numerous trophies for club and country, including three world cups and also won the Golden Boy award in the 1970 World Cup. We will probably never see a better striker in the world of football.sports


Maradona is probably one of the best dribblers the world has ever seen. His career is full of glories and controversies and is probably one of the most flamboyant players ever. He also won the popular choice award for the Player of the Century and has also scored the Goal of the Century in 1986 against England, dribbling past 5 outfield players. He helped Argentina win the World Cup in 1986.


Johan Cruyff is the last player on our list who completely changed the world of football by his Total Football style of play, through which he led his Ajax team into European domination, winning 3 European League titles. He has won a total of 3 Ballon D’Or trophies and was probably the smartest footballer ever.

Kik Messenger- Pros And Cons

Kik Messenger is one of the most famous messaging app available over iOS, Windows and Android platform. There are more than 900 millions user of the Canadian chatting app around the world, one of the most unique feature of the app that leads its success is you can chat with others with kik user names. photo (1)These usernames can be different from your name, could be anything and your private information will remain confidential. Like name, you can also choose any age as your number and people want to chat or chatting with you will only see the information you entered. There are many complaints registered against kik messenger, also there are great benefit of using the app. We will discuss all the related information that will surely include benefits and dark results of Kik Messengers.screen696x696


  • Kik Messenger is one of the unique app offers chatting without any identity or age barge, you like some qualities of the person just talk with them, nothing about you will be disclosed to the person. It seems like part of another world, the more fantasy world.
  • Beside just chatting, you can share videos, photos, sketches, mobile webpages, and other content with the person you are chatting.
  • The anonymity clause leads you to not shy with the person you are chatting, alien friends and no worries is the greatest feature of the app based on kik user names.


  • The anonymity features that leads success has also came forward as the biggest loophole for the app. Many parents complained incidents of child exploitation with the app.
  • Child experts call the app and the app with anonymity feature unsafe for child as they are prone to bad gangs or friends.
  • Anonymity feature gives rise to increase in number of molestation and abuses against female users.