Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines Through Digital Communication

To lose 40 pounds in 24 weeks is not an easy task. But Mirla Sabino has achieved it. By following the BBG program sincerely and keeping up with the diet program, she was able to do it. She shed a lot of weight in all the unnecessary areas. You can Read more at about, how she was able to reduce 40 pounds of weight. If you are overweight, you cannot stretch, bend and stand and sit easily and Mirla was finding it tough to do the workout initially.  2EC9CA5300000578-3333003-image-a-17_1448428119601

But the workout program was a gradual increase, in the intensity of the exercises. Initially Mirla was not able to cope up, but gradually Mirla was able to easily move as brusquely as Kayla Itsines did, in her Body Building Guide. You can read more at to see how challenging the exercises were for Mirla and the gradual decrease in weight that helped her to do the workout easily as she continued the exercises.Kayla-Itsines-Womens-Health-Sept-2015-800x530

Digital Communication

All of Kayla Itsines communications are through the digital media. Her books are digital presentations that can be purchased and used worldwide. Kayla performs all the workouts very easily and explains how easily they can be done in the real life. Her inspiring workouts have helped many. Her HELP eating plan gives a detailed explanation for the diet plan that has been designed by her to be followed by all. The 14 day meal plan has many recipes and substitutes too. It also guides people by providing the reasons, why one should eat certain types of food. Her inspiring workouts also make use of photos to show how women slim down after many weeks of practicing the workouts. You can read more at to know about the exercise guide and nutritious diet to be followed to get results.


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