Daily Archive: Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Making Seaside Residences Your Home

Fraser Centrepoint Homes is the real estate developer responsible for developing the soon-to-rise Seaside Residences. It is reported that it will have an estimate of 800 to 900 condo units by the time the entire condo complex is finished. With this, the Seaside Residences floor plan is said to have a total floor area of 67,584, more than enough to ensure that all of its residents will experience the best standard of living possible.Seaside Residences Showflat location

Seaside Residences is the Perfect Home for Everyone

Another feature as to why Seaside Residences is the perfect home for people who want to experience the good life is that, its rooms will give its residents a breathtaking view of the East Coast’s side. Surely, getting to feel the gentle breeze of air from your unit will surely be enough to set you up for the day. Imagine waking up every morning to the site of the calm waves and fresh air breeze going through your face. Isn’t that just the kind of life everyone wants to have?Seaside Residences Showflat location

Seaside Residences Facilities are for You

There will also be a host of many amenities and facilities that Seaside Residences residents can use. A few examples are the swimming pool and the tennis court. If you want to spend some leisure time, you can go to these facilities anytime you want, get some new friends, and have a dose of healthy living.

If you have kids you need to attend to, Seaside Residences is the place to be, as it is just a walk away from some of the most prestigious schools in Singapore. There are also shopping malls, grocery stores, and parks that are just a walk away from your condo unit. You don’t have to worry about the distance, because all of them are just near your home, Seaside Residences.

Pick Out Your LED Shoes Today

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There are also a number of designs, patterns and styles that you can select for your child and this way you get your hands on the perfect shoes that will suit your child the best. Always make sure that you pick LED shoes that are water resistant because children do not understand how to look after their shoes and how to stay away from water.