What To Look For In Quilting Sewing Machines

Sewing machines have been changed in recent years. Today manufacturers offer computerized and electronic machines which are almost stress-free and more dependable than previous models. With the integration of specialized functions and features, users are now provided with a selection of machines suited to their sewing style, for example the quilting machines.quilting machinesThese sewing machines are made to make the make the quilting experience possible and stress free and also give the quilter with a machine which can provide an exceptional finish to any project.


Quilting sewing machines have special features such as: Extended Bed Space: A comprehensive bed space provides a space of about 8 to 9 inches wide and 5 to 6 inches high that is bigger than the conventional sewing machine and gives more space for you to maneuver bulky quilts or large pieces of material.quilting machinesHigh Speed: High quality quilting machines provide high speed sewing that is normally around 100 stitches per minute.
Stitch Regulator: Some companies provide an optional attachment for their machines. The main objective of this attachment is to give a consistent length of stitch when doing free motion quilting, in spite of how fast or slow the material is being moved.

Manual Tension Control: Some machines are integrated with a manual tension control the offers you the capability to regulate the top thread tension accurately and quickly.

Manual Stitch Length and Width Control: Manual stitch length and width controls are also situated in front of the machine and the same benefits apply.

Auto thread cutter: This is an extremely valuable feature on quilting machines. Cutting both the bobbin thread and the top thread in one easy action, it lessens both thread wastage as well as the time taken to manually cut thread tails.

When choosing if a quilting sewing machine is perfect for you, look around and visit local sewing machine stores and dealers. Try out 2 to 3 models and then choose which one is best for you.

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