How Embroidery Digitizing works?

Embroidery Digitizing is just like feeding digital information into a PC with the use of scanned objects or digital dossler then custom digitizing it by making a few adjustments on the directions, stitch styles and solidity directions in order to come up with a perfect needlework design. It is more like re-creating a given image in the way you want by the help of special needlework software and then later saving it in a certain code. 26

The Process

  • The initial step that you need to check is whether you have the desired digital program software that deals in needlework projects. When you have ensured that you have the correct software, you can proceed to scan any of your artwork files, whether from a renowned fashion magazine or your own designer drawings.
  • If you find it difficult to work with the current scanned file, don’t waste too much time on it since the project software is only aimed at helping you make the right modifications so as to come up with a desired needlework design.
  • If you are using the program in making the necessary modifications on your scanned file, it is highly recommended to use large images to get a better picture of what you are doing and avoid straining your eyes.
  • Always remember that whenever you decide to venture into any embroidery work, you have to be someone who is creative when it comes to choosing some wild designs and colors that simply command attention.14

In the present time, most people who are doing embroidery work have come to appreciate that having a candid embroidery digitizing program with awesome digitizing features will offer exceptional needlework styles and designs that you will definitely love. With the advent of technology advancement, embroidery work is faster and easier to learn and perform.

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