About Impossible Quiz Game Among The People

Impossible quiz is the sequence hit game and it is released on September 2007 and after seven months its predecessor it remains as a second main installment in impossible quiz series. Containing both new and old returning questions polished visuals likewise a brand new way power-up and alignments including scenarios the standards of insanity set by the first quiz.

Splapp worked in this game about 7 months before the final release the viral spread of these two games made them to recreate in mobile application and exclusively for ios powered device. At the time of release the game is not released in the third party after the viral spread of the game the impossible quiz game is contracted and paid by the Eu games. Splapp-me-do started working on an episodically sequel to the second quiz which eventually received the name the impossible quiz book these consists of three chapters each chapter consists of fifty questions that may be released in different years.

Designing features of impossible quiz


It starts with a colorful loading page with green button as a beginning the game starts just by clicking that the game is with many colors and it sign to make the user to happy mood on the another hand the impossible quiz game is not only has nice colors and design the game also featured with excellent music and a great sound. If the question is answered wrong the explosion sound it makes the user to feel happy instead of sad for losing the game it makes the user to enjoy and play as funny.

Journey of the impossible quiz game

Splapp worked roughly about seven months before finally presenting this game to the world the game contains a total 120 questions in different sectors as well as two different power-ups in which user definitely want to disposed that is to skip the game .Useful power ups are available which is saved by the user for final questions a small eye creative’s are also involved in power ups these are used to diffuse the bombs of the game there are only 5 lives and no checkpoint.


In the next version of the game includes the implementation of questions that requires the user to use the keyboards to precede the implementation of grades increase the points some restriction in the game is that the TAB key does not be used in the middle of the game. Games are of different with variety of puzzles the impossible quiz puzzle game was originally created by inxile’s spark works it is named as impossible quiz based on the fact that no can predict everything in the life. People are always  limited in thought and knowledge the game is addictive because people tends to win always and so people are always goes for it and becomes engaged with the game.



As games are in maximum number in nature and the user played twice it get gist of whole questions and answers despite of all odds. The impossible quiz is a good flash game among the people who loves hilarious aspect as well as in brain development.