Lightweight And Portable Best Small Tig Welder

A welding process in which a welder is required and the welding is done by his two hands to weld is referred as Tig welding.TIG means Tungsten Inert Gas. In simple words gas tungsten arc welding. The main different thing in Tig welding is how the arc is created and the way of metal is Tig welding one hand, is mainly used for holding the Tig torch, through which the arc is produced and the second hand is used to add the metal to weld joint. This kind of welding is hard because both hands are used to weld but it is very flexible when it comes to different metals. Though this is the slow process but gives the highest quality welds.Generally this method is used for critical welding, welding metals but not the common steeland where the clear-cut but small weld is necessary.

Main Advantages and Minor Disadvantages of Tig Welder

Tig Welders are available with AC/DC power that allows electrode welding and Tig welding. The modern best small tig welder contains microprocessor which gives total digital control which is the perfect Tig welds. Such kind of Tig Welders rated from 170A to 300 A.


Benefits of Small Tig Welder

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • No need to stop in the mid of the work
  • After the weld, the overall quality is much better.
  • When working with non-ferrous metals i.e. copper, aluminum, magnesium, tig welders are best selection.

Some minor disadvantage of Tig welder

  • Tig welding is more complicated
  • Requires more skill
  • Welders have more greater accuracy and control in handling and directing the Tig toarch
  • Sustaining the arc at the correct position needs more accuracy
  • Tig welding is time-consuming comparing to other methods
  • Wearing a helmet is necessary

Tig welding is a clean process and ideal for highly selecting for such as furniture and art work.

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