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Beginner’s Guide on Chess

Are you tired of losing against your friends on a game of chess? Want to be an expert? Then click here to read more about chess and chess boards. Learning how to play chess is never easy and sometimes, you might need the help of a friend or an expert of chess. Now, you don’t have to worry for we got it all covered for you! Just click here to read more information regarding chess and the chess board. chess_set_g-250-76-600

We all know how embarrassing it is to always lose on a game of chess, so, you have to strive hard in order to learn the basics and master the art of playing. No need to fuss over trying to learn, for we have all the information you need! Just click here to read more.

What is chess?

Chess is a strategy game played by two players on a platform called a chess board. The chess board contains 64 checkered tiles in which the players will use as a basis for their game. It is played by many people nowadays, both amateurs and professionals.

Learning how to play chess is really hard since it requires a lot of brain power. The game is mainly based on strategy and in order for you to win; you have to know what to do. However, chess is really an enjoyable game if you and your opponent are really good at playing. A lot of people want to learn the game yet do not have time to learn.

All about playing

If you want to learn how to play, you have to acquaint yourself first with the chess pieces that are really important when you play chess. There are different types of chess pieces, each with their own specific movement and names which make it really tricky to play.3184

  • King

The King can move in one square on any direction the player wants.

  • Queen

The Queen can move in any direction, rank, diagonal or file, on any number of squares the player wants.

  • Rook

The Rook can move in any number of squares on a file or rank direction.

  • Bishop

The Bishop can move in any number of squares diagonally.

  • Knight

The Knight has a unique movement as it can move in any direction the player wants as long as it’s an L-shaped movement; one square horizontally and two squares vertically or  it can also be two squares horizontally and one square vertically.

  • Pawn

The Pawn can only move in an empty space right in front of it.

Click to read more about chess pieces here.


Since chess is a strategy game, you have to be well versed in its language in order for you to play it properly. There are many strategies regarding playing chess so it’s really hard for you to play it without immersing in one. The best strategy to use is your own, which you, as a player, will develop as you play. When playing chess, know that it is just for fun and not to take it seriously.

For more information regarding chess, strategies, tips and advices, click to read more here.

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Stay Updated With All The Latest Gaming News

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Playing Madden Cash With Ease And Expertise To Accumulate Coins

Playing soccer with real life players is interesting. You can earn coins on the way to spend on the pack of cards to get more players. You also get trophies and tokens by which you can get more players. Having a team is quite difficult and assembling a good team is indeed a touch task. You need a winning team who can win great achievements for you. You have to decide who will play and in what order. This is usually learnt over a period of time. You will soon get to know how to set-up the team and who will play the next stroke by the trial and error method. You can also slot the players on the screen along with the team. When you earn coins, you can buy good quality players on pack of cards. You can control your players with stick-and-button controls and tap option. With power and speed, the challenges of a ball carrier are good. While playing on the defense side, the move from behind looks good when it is put into action. Playing defense, the players can plug gaps.madden mobile coin hack

Madden Cash

Madden Cash and the Stamina system makes it easy for players to play for long hours as you climb up levels. You can play the season game, the Live Events and the Head-to-Head game with the same Stamina using Madden Mobile coin hack. In the Season games, it is almost like playing the real game where you can control the offense and defense. It is only as you level up that you can unlock playbook. With Live Events you can earn bonus points and participate at speeds that you preset.madden mobile coin hack

Madden Gold

Madden cash is required to purchase increments and is used to buy pack of cards. With cash generated from playing the regular game, you can buy most of the packs. The pack called Gold Value can be purchased with Madden Cash. The Gold Value has about 10 gold cards. As a game that can be played the whole year, you can play it with interest as the season proceeds. You have about 16 games to play which is one season where you can have a pick of your most favored team. . You can also choose your pick of players who are each rated differently. You can pick your offense and defense players and also special teams. To get the best players, you can sell players you do not need on auction. You can also play for 6 minutes and earn 1,500 coins. You can play games like head to head to earn 250 coins as it a mini game. You also earn fans. You can go in for practice drills on holidays. The head to head is quite difficult to win even when you have a good and experienced team of players. However, long time players are willing to spend hour of work for the team. With Madden Mobile coin hack, you can have unlimited coins and cash to buy the best players and to use the best strategies and tools to be a winner.

Important Questions To Ask A Painting Contractor

If you have ever had a painting project, you know how frustrating the process can be especially if you are working with unexperienced people. To avoid more of such experiences, you want to make sure that the contractor you get to work on your project is as experienced as can be. Here are some important questions that you should always ask to make sure that he is at par.avenue-surrey

  1. Do you have insurance?

Any reputable painting contractor should have at least two types of insurance.

  • Comprehensive Business Liability Insurance

This protects your property if the contractor damages it. If anything is damaged by the contractor, there should be no two way about it. He should replace it.

  • Workmen’s Compensation

What this insurance does is that it protects the workers while they are working on your property. If anything was to happen to them during the painting process, the contractor should fully cater for the expenses.

  1. Am I safe with your crew in my house?

Your safety comes first. This means that the contractor should do a thorough background check on all his employees. You don’t want to fall victim of some employees with a criminal record who are willing to do anything for the extra cash. Moreover, take your time to know the people who will be working in your home personally, just to be on the safe side.

  1. Are the workers employees or subcontractors?

Contractors who hire subcontractors want to make more money from the project. As a result, they don’t offer value addition. Since the subcontractors also want to save time and feel that they have gained something, they will do a shoddy job in the name of getting the job done faster.avenue-surrey


Painting is a crucial project and should be handled with care. With that in mind, try to hire the services of reputable painting contractor such as Weiler painting servicers who will deliver the best job.